Want More Revenue?

Do visitors to your RV park or campground leave without stopping by your store? Are you hosting an event and want to get the word out? Your visitors might be missing out on because they simply didn't know. That could be a lost revenue opportunity for you.

Reasonable Cost

For only $3.75 per site per year, you can actually make money! Only pay for the number of sites regardless of how many visitors you serve

Easy Set-Up

Quickly create an account and add visitors when they check in. Then, send them messages as you see fit and remove them when they leave.

Weather Alerts

You and your visitors will get texts and phone calls for imminent dangerous weather alerts, making you a life-saving hero!


Ready to start or need more information?

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HazardCall keeps visitors updated on your latest offers, events and deals from your referral partners. Just open the app and instantly compose and send them a message. Then watch the money flow as cash registers ring in your store!

For RV & Campground Owners