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Tired of getting the wrong information when dangerous weather threatens? Our clients say that before they used our service, they would shut down unnecessarily, wasting time and money.

WeatherCall makes the right call every time. Our nationwide, state-of-the-art severe weather monitoring and notification system proactively calls you and sends you text and email notifications when your EXACT location is in the path of dangerous weather or if lightning is within 6 miles. You see where the storm is and get the "all-clear" notification when the threat is over. That way, you'll know when returning to work is safe.

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“Instead of warning entire counties, the National Weather Service now focuses tornado and severe thunderstorm warnings on the specific area under threat. This results in fewer people having to take shelter.  As there is a cost in lost productivity when people shelter, this factor alone is estimated to save the public more than $100 million dollars a year. More importantly, more specific warnings save lives.”  John Ferree, Retired-NWS, Severe Storms Services Leader

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WeatherCall is an NWS Trusted, Core Partner.  WeatherCall Enterprise notifies only of warnings issued by the National Weather Service.  The NWS in no way endorses any commercial notification of their severe weather warnings but fully supports their timely and responsible dissemination by many third party companies including WeatherCall Services, LLC.

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